Welcome to Health CBD

Health CBD A Multi-Award Winning Brand Established in 2018 and fast becoming a reputable household CBD name, Because we are dedicated to bringing our customers the highest quality of CBD products.

All of our products enter a rigorous and strict monitoring process from cultivation up to manufacturing.

In an industry that is tainted with stigma, you can be assured when purchasing Health CBD products.

Compliant with UK Law and in accordance with MHRA and FSA regulations on cannabis based products.

What Makes Us Unique?

European Approved Seeds

Seeds are selected from the European Approved Seed Catalogue.

Home Office Licence

First of all, hemp cultivation is legal in the UK, we are one of few Licenced Hemp Farms.

ISO 7 Laboratory

First of all, hemp cultivation is legal in the UK, we are one of few Licenced Hemp Farms.

3rd Party Lab Tests

Providing honest products with the true amount of CBD as listed per product.

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Made From UK Grown Hemp

This is truly a home grown take on CBD oil.

Multi-Award Winning

Our Hemp is grown under a glass greenhouse environment.

We use beneficial insects, such as ladybirds to eat the bad bugs, to eliminate the need to any pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Grown with inert substrate in our soil to stop the absorption of any heavy metal ions into the crop.

From seed to sale, we take pride in our hemp to ensure a smooth experience with attention to detail and quality.

Our ISO 7 Lab

ISO 7 Lab the crucial sign of a reliable CBD manufacturer.

We use third-party lab testers for our CBD Products

  • Cannabinoid Stability Test
  • CBD/Cannabinoid Profiling
  • Residual Solvents Testing
  • Heavy Metal Test
  • Pesticides Test
  • Bacteria Test

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01257 367879