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What to look for when choosing a CBD company?

  • Always have a look at company reviews and feedback from purchases reviews are usually credible from reviews.co.uk and trustpilot.co.uk
  • Look and always request 3rd?party lab test certificates and check for CBD content in mg, companies that are fully transparent will state this numerous times as there is nothing to hide. Always check THC level is below the legal limit under 0.2%
  • Check price range as expensive CBD doesn?t mean it is the best, neither is the cheapest, some scammers put very little CBD in their products and have high CBD content label for a low price. I.e 5000mg for ?30
  • Check your current medications if there is serious medication you take daily always check with a medical professional
  • Get in touch with your chosen reputable brand, good CBD companies will give great advice you are struggling to find the right products
  • Is the CBD products manufactured in the UK, this could be important as other countries may have different laws and regulations
  • Know and try research your different CBD products, i.e if you are regularly drug tested for your work or sports you may choose a THC free, CBD product. Many products will state THC free and are known as Broad Spectrum.
  • Avoid common CBD misconceptions, ?will it get you high?? ?It doesn?t work?, ?it?s drugs?. CBD works for many don?t let people put you off
  • Research the company, how long have they been around, are they on social media platforms, do they have mentions from other brands or businesses
  • Look at brands stockists, usually wholesale brands are stocked across many retail stores. Most retail owners want to sell the best brands

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