CBD UK Guide and Facts

Here at healthcbd.co.uk, we get lots of questions about our products. Many of them ask about the benefits of CBD, and?we?ve published information post about the debate around medicinal CBD to cover that side of things. But after asking what CBD can be used for, the next most popular questions are about the legality of CBD.

It?s not surprising. When there is so much stigma and negativity surrounding ?marijuana?, ?cannabis?, ?weed?. And CBD ? cannabidiol ? comes from the cannabis plant. So of course when we all first heard about CBD supplements, we wondered if this was all above board.

CBD products have become available on our high street health shops and pharmacies and people are now becoming warmer to the idea of using CBD.

People needing the facts is a key factor. About Health CBD

  • We?re a UK business. What we say only applies in the UK. If you?re in Ireland, continental Europe, the USA or anywhere else, you?ll need to check your own laws.
  • We are not medical experts. Everything on this blog is based on our research into publicly available guidelines and rules.

Let?s have a look at common questions.

Is CBD Legal?

Yes. Cannabidiol products are legal to buy and sell in the UK. There are rules to selling CBD products

  1. Cannot contain?more than 0.02% THC?? the psychoactive element of the cannabis plant.
  2. You can?t make medical claims about what THC or CBD may do
  3. You need to be up front about your ingredients.

Our CBD products are fully legally compliant and fit for any high street shelves nationwide. Try find a reputable distributor.

Can I Take a CBD?and Drive?

Yes. Provided that the CBD supplement you use is legal and contains less than 0.02% of that psychoactive agent THC. CBD supplements don?t get you high, so they won?t impair your driving the same way taking recreational (illegal) cannabis or alcohol would.

Will CBD Supplements Show Up on a Drugs Test?

As we?ve mentioned, CBD itself is completely legal, so it?s unlikely that a drugs test would be searching for any CBD in your system to begin with.

The issue here would be any THC. As you?ve already learned, a CBD oil contains only a minute trace amount of THC. So you?d need to take a lot of CBD to have enough THC in your system to trigger an alert on a drugs test.

But if you are worried, we?d recommend that you choose products that are THC free such as isolate and Broad Spectrum products. These products are made from higher amounts of distilled and isolated CBD there THC is far extracted.