How to add cannabis aroma in food with Terpene Spray?

How to use Terpene Spray on food:

The Terpene Spray format is perfect for adding terpenes (cannabis aromas) to all kinds of edibles quickly and efficiently.

Examples of edibles easily flavoured with Terpene Spray:

Snacks: popcorn, chips…
Prepared dishes: make any recipe and give it a special final touch with Terpene Spray
Pastries: cookies, pastry, cakes, sugar, bread …
Spray on the food to be aromatized at a distance of 35-45cm, ensuring a quick and homogeneous pass over it, in order to avoid excesses of aroma in certain areas.
Once sprayed on the final product (if possible on both sides), store it in an airtight container to achieve a total homogenization.
Each second of spray is equivalent to around 0.4/0.8ml of aroma depending on the pressure applied on the button.


Blackberry Kush Terpene Spray
The famous Blackberry Kush (Afghani x Blueberry) cannabis strain.
Blackberry Kush by Cali Terpenes has a pungent aroma reminiscent of Afghan hash with sweet, earthy hints of forest fruits and berries.
The Gipsy Haze Terpenes Spray
The incredible Gipsy Haze marijuana strain by Eva Seeds, a cross of Jack Herer x (Black Domina x Space Bomb).
Gipsy Haze by Cali Terpenes has an intense sweetly fruity and citrus Haze aroma mixing hints of fruits such as mango and lime with hints of incense.
Jamaican Dream Terpene Spray
The famous Jamaican Dream (Jamaican sativa) marijuana strain from Eva Seeds’ seed bank.
Jamaican Dream has a mildly sweet aroma with hints of citrus and hazelnut-like nuts.
Holy Grail Terpene Spray
The popular American marijuana strain Holy Grail Kush, whose genetics comes from the cross between the famous Kosher Kush and The OG #18.
Holy Grail Kush from Cali Terpenes have an intense “Kush” aroma that mixes earthy, sweet and piney touches.
The Zkittlez the terpene extracts from the exquisite American cannabis strain Zkittlez.
Enjoy a sweet, floral, fresh and spicy aroma.
Gorilla Glue
The incredible US cannabis strain Gorilla Glue.
Gorilla Glue has an intense, deep and earthy aroma with pungent hints.
Og Kush
The legendary cannabis strain OG Kush.
Enjoy the characteristic sweet & citrus Skunk type aroma, from one of most famous strains from the European continent.
The famous US cannabis strain Gelato.
Gelato has a sweet aroma with hints of citrus, earthy and cream.
The legendary cannabis strain Critical.
Enjoy the characteristic sweet & citrus Skunk type aroma, from one of most famous strains from the European continent.
The “more than famous” Amnesia marijuana strain (Amnesia Hy-pro clone).
Amnesia by Cali Terpenes has an intense aroma that mixes citric, earthy and sweet touches.
Recommendations and security measures:
  • The quantity of aroma added to your product should never exceed the 4% of its total weight.
  • Read the safety warnings on the box and the instructions inside before you start using Terpenes Spray.
  • Spray the product to be flavoured at a distance of 35-45cm, making quick passes to avoid product accumulations.
  • Make sure to take all the safety measures before to start using Terpenes Spray: wear nitrile gloves, mask and goggles while using the spray.
  • Do not apply Terpenes Spray on your skin, is not a deodorant.
  • Store Terpenes Spray in a cold, dark place.
  • Clean the spray carefully when you are done with it.
  • Don’t shake the spray before or during use

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