How to use terpenes?

We only use the 100% organic (botanic) origin Terpenes, non-synthesized

Our terpenes are 100% pure, without additives or solvents. So you should handle them with caution. They can’t be consumed without being diluted.

Once diluted in the right proportion, the product will be totally safe and takes all the benefits of our terpenes.

1ml of terps = 40 drops (0.025ml each drop of *1ml dropper), therefore 1 drop represents approximately 0.25% of 10ml base:

4 drops in 10ml = 1%, 8 drops in 10ml = 2%, 12 drops in 10ml = 3%

We always recommend testing from less to greater quantity, because our terpenes provide an intense flavour and aroma easily.


Mixing with E-Liquids:

The recommended and most common proportion of our terpenes to provide enough flavour and aroma to e-liquid pg/vg bases is 1% to 3% (to a maximum of 4%; the most common proportion is 2%).

Example: if you start from 10ml of e-liquid base and you have choose to use 2%, you just only add 0,2 ml.

If you start from 100ml of e-liquid base and you have choose to use 2%, you must add 2ml.

We strongly recommend visiting our post “How to make e-liquid with terpenes”.

Cali Terpene E-Liquids
Cali Terpene E-Liquids

Adding terpenes to food and beverage:

The right amount of terpenes to use in Food & Beverage is much lower than that used in e-liquids or cannabis products.

This amount always depends on the base from which you start and from the moment in which the application takes place.

We recommend applying the terpenes during cold processes to avoid evaporation, they will perfectly integrate in your recipe.

Terpene Sprays are a good way to infuse terpenes with foods Check Out Cali Sprays here

Here you have some examples of the proportions and flavour suggested for food & drinks:

adding terpenes to food

Adding terpenes to extractions and concentrates:

The recommended proportion of terpenes to provide enough flavour and aroma to dry extractions (dry hash or traditional hash, BHO wax, shatter, live resin, rosin, distillates.

Use from 1% to 3% of terpenes (to a maximum of 4% the most common proportion is 2%-3%).

For example: if you start from 10gr of cannabis concentrate and you choose to use 3%, you just only add 0,3ml.

We always recommend making some test from the lower to the higher quantity.

For example: 1 drop for 3 gr, 1 drop for 2 gr, 1 drop for 1gr (max).

Try tasting the product after few days in order to enjoy better the results of the different proportions.

It’s important to make a good and homogeneous mixture and waiting almost 24/48h for a total integration of the terpenes.

Gelato Terpene Spray