Turmeric Chai Tea 150mg CBD

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An invigorating blend with the aromatic flavours of turmeric perfectly infused with chai spices to create a caffeine-free and healthy experience.

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Turmeric Chai is an intriguing Chai tea infusion that combines not only Turmeric but delicious chai spices such as sweet cinnamon in addition to cardamom.

Traditionally used in Indian herbal medicine for its abundant health-promoting qualities.

Since turmeric exudes not some, but all its perfections into this amazing health-promoting tea.

Potential health benefits:
  • The health benefits of turmeric may be able to boost the immune system, even in people with immune disorders with one study theorizing that turmeric can help to moderate the immune system.
  • One study found that an active compound in this root, called curcumin, was also effective in helping to reducing pain in patients with arthritis as well as osteoarthritis.
  • Turmeric’s antioxidants prevent damage that can lead to Alzheimer’s. More importantly, some research shows that this amazing root can naturally help to reduce the synaptic marker loss
Suggested Use:
  • Add one tea bag to your favourite mug and then bring the water to a rolling boil
  • Then pour into your mug and over the teabag.
  • Allow steeping for 3 to 5 minutes to finally unlock the flavours.
  • At health CBD, we like to add a touch of milk or MCT oil in addition to our herbal tea’s to aid bio-availability.
Turmeric Chai tea Information:
  • Each tea bag contains 15mg CBD
  • Contains more than just vital antioxidants.
  • Contains a vast number of beneficial polyphenols.
  • Store out of sight of young children.
  • Discontinue using this product immediately if irritation occurs.
  • Not For Sale for anyone under the age of 18.
  • Do not use this product if you are pregnant and/or nursing.
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CBD Extract (Cannabis Sativa L), Turmeric Chai blend.

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