Why are CBD lab reports important?

Health CBD are insistent on providing honest and affordable CBD products to our customers. The main aim of CBD has always been to help people as an alternative therapy and supplement.

We have had great reviews and feedback.

A main reason behind this is our close attention to providing honest products with the true amount of CBD as listed per product.

Unfortunately, like many industry’s there are companies and individuals that are out to make a quick buck and scam people in to thinking they are selling true strength CBD oil for a fraction of the real price.

Even if you are not purchasing from Health CBD it is essential to ask sellers for certificates, once received certificate always check that the CBD content on the bottle matches the figure on the certificate.

This is vital, as some scammers are taking consumers hard earned cash and selling a bottle which may not have any or very little CBD at all.

At Health CBD we operate a transparent and open policy with our customers.

Our aim is to help find you the best suited CBD product and to be your go to CBD outlet.

Our lab reports are fully accessible to all customers and we are happy to answer any queries you many have.

All of our products enter a rigorous and strict monitoring process from cultivation up to manufacturing.

In an industry that is tainted with stigma, you can be assured when purchasing Health CBD products.

Compliant with UK Law and in accordance with MHRA and FSA regulations on cannabis based products.